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About Us

Felican pet hospital stands out from the rest, for its uniqueness of love towards animals and their well-being, making us a perfect place for any pets.This drives us to create a veterinary practice where care and compassion are as important as the latest medical technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Felican is open from Monring 9.00 AM – 9.00 PM – that’s the regular outpatient timing. It will be good if prior booking is done before an appointment.
Felican has 24/7 emergency consultations.
Felican provides pick up from home, to avail this service prior call and booking is required.
Felican has pet boarding facilities, this service is available through prior booking.

Our Services

Mobile Veterinary Facility

With our emergency equipped mobile vehicle, we come to your doorstep for your pet.

Check-Ups & Exams

Your pet gives you unconditional love every day, so its our duty to maintain their good health by regular health checks.

Pet Grooming

Having your pet groomed on a regular basis can do far more than just improve your pet’s appearance and eliminate odors, it can also benefit his or her health as well.

Petonia Pet Shop

One stop shopping at our pet shop, which is the best in the town with numerous pet supplies for your pet.


Under the guidance of professional vets in Felican, we proud to offer the most advanced surgical techniques and technology available in the veterinary medicine industry.

Spaying & Neutering

Decision to spay/neuter your pet is an important one, it can be the single best decision you make for their long-term welfare.

Pet Dentistry

Dental health is a very important part of your pet’s overall health, and we provide top quality specialty oral care in advanced dentistry and oral surgery.

Pretty Paws Beauty Parlor

Every pet deserves a good life, so its time for your furry pet to get pampered at our pet beauty parlor.

Pet IP Ward

If your pet needs to get special hospital care, but you don't have the time, then you'll be glad to know that we have a fully equipped in-patient ward.

Nutrition & Diet

Numerous factors play into the long, happy life of your pet, but a high-quality and nutritious diet is where it begins.


We provide a luxury vacation retreat where we are dedicated to caring for your feline friends by professionals with all the comforts of home.