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7 tips to care for your furry pals in monsoon

We have been regularly sharing tips on monsoon care, however, with all the focus on us, let’s not forget about our pets too. So here is a lowdown on how to keep pets healthy and prevent them from getting sick during monsoon.

Pets are prone to a number of infections in this weather. Cold, cough and pneumonia are your usual culprits. Dogs usually suffer from malassezia which causes itchy skin rashes and burns, whereas cats are prone to respiratory infections. Avoid getting your pets wet in the rain and keep them as dry as possible.

* Make a priority to get your pet de-wormed by your vet, as they are most susceptible to worms in the rainy season. “Worm infection can lead to anemia, general debility anorexia and dullness of coat,” says veterinarian Dr S K Choudhary.

* Taking care of pet’s diets is an important step. Feed clean, boiled water. Consuming dirty water will lead to water borne diseases such as jaundice. “Excess of meat, chicken and oily food should be avoided as it can upset pet’s stomach. Your pet’s diet around this time should consist of fiber-rich food such as banana that help pets who suffer from indigestion. Dairy products can be allergic to some,” says Dr Choudhary. Also, it is better to use packaged food.

* Give pets regular bath using an antiseptic shampoo. This would help take care of the ticks and flea problem.

* While taking pets out for a walk, avoid water-logged areas as they could be vulnerable to mosquito bites. Also see that walking on grass could make them susceptible to tick infestation.

* Prevention is always better than cure, ensure this by having a regular grooming routine. This includes clipping of the nails, ear cleansing and regular dental check-ups.

Some pets suffer from storm anxiety. During a thunderstorm, pets can start to shake, bite or indulge in excessive chewing. The vet can give them anti-anxiety drugs to calm them down. “But most importantly make them feel safe and comfortable by hugging them and keeping them cozy”, says veterinarian Dr Kallahalli Umesh.

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