Sometimes an idea can make sense at first, but look completely ridiculous once acted out. Gifts are often the same, you might mean well, but it might mean something else entirely to the recipient.

Here we show some of the worst gifts you could give to your dog this year.

1. An auto feeder

Feeding your dog is your responsibility, while it might be convenient to have a machine do it for you, there can be other consequences. Your dog should know that you control when everyone eats because you are in charge. Feeding your dog every day and getting into a routine is good for you both. It’s easy to forget to fill if you’re in a rush and only do it every few days.

Another downside is once you are away, it’s the scent of the food vs your dog’s self restraint. Your doggie should take up all food related disputes with you, not an object they can chew on and potentially break the minute you leave the house.

2. Cheap plushies

It may seem like a quick fix, but weak toys are usually paid for twice, once in currency the other in the post-mortem clean up.

Invest in good quality toys, they’ll last longer and you’ll spend less money and time in the long run. It’s a simple quality over quantity situation.

3. A bed that doesn’t fit.

Before you buy a dog bed, you should have an idea of how much your dog weighs. It doesn’t have to be exact, but guessing within 15 or 20 pounds shouldn’t be too difficult.
Beds that don’t provide adequate support to your dog can cause spinal problems among other things. It might look cute to see them squeeze into their puppy bed, but if you’ve ever slept on an ill fitting bed, you wouldn’t wish it on anybody. Always check the load capacity of a bed before purchasing, there’s different materials and thicknesses to suit every dog.

4. A Cheap collar

This one is fairly obvious. Nothing makes your heart skip a beat like seeing your dog’s collar break. There’s the immediate “Oh, I’m in control moment,” followed immediately by one of two things: the dog runs or the dog looks at you knowing you cheaped out. Both will leave you feeling terrible.

A broken collar in the wrong place, such as a busy street can be catastrophic, it’s a needless risk. Invest in quality collars that fit, made of durable, reliable materials and you’ll never regret it. The same rule applies for leashes.

5. Turkey bones

Around this time of year you might have a surplus of turkey bones, but giving them to your dog is far too hazardous a way to dispose of them. They can splinter and cause terrible intestinal damage to your dog, often requiring surgery. As much as your dog may love the taste, turkey bones are not worth the risk either.

A healthy and equally delicious alternative is bone broth. You can freeze it, stick it in a towel or an old toy and let them chew on it, or just pour it into their bowl. Don’t use canned broth.


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