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7 tips to care for your furry pals in monsoon

We have been regularly sharing tips on monsoon care, however, with all the focus on us, let’s not forget about our pets too. So here is a lowdown on how to keep pets healthy and prevent them from getting sick during monsoon.

Pets are prone to a number of infections in this weather. Cold, cough and pneumonia are your usual culprits. Dogs usually suffer from malassezia which causes itchy skin rashes and burns, whereas cats are prone to respiratory infections. Avoid getting your pets wet in the rain and keep them as dry as possible.

* Make a priority to get your pet de-wormed by your vet, as they are most susceptible to worms in the rainy season. “Worm infection can lead to anemia, general debility anorexia and dullness of coat,” says veterinarian Dr S K Choudhary.

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Spaying & Nuetering -in-cochin-felican pet hospital

Spaying & Neutering: 101

What is spaying and neutering? Simply put, it is surgically altering an animal so it can no longer reproduce. Neutering can apply to both males and females, while spaying generally refers to a female animal.

People often wonder about the pros and cons of spaying/neutering their pet. With so many opinions and studies found on the internet, it can be confusing. Here we will discuss our recommendations:

The “Cons” to Spaying/Neutering:

Looking at the cons for this, there’s only one, really. Your pets won’t be able to have any puppies or kittens. If you are not planning to breed your pets, there are numerous benefits to having your pet spayed or neutered.

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