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Though blessed with the extraordinary capability to love their humans, unlike the humans, pets do not have the ability to literally alert us about their illness or medical needs. It is through various signs and indications that we need to ascertain that our pet or domesticated animal is suffering from any illness. Many at times, these early indications are very seldom and mild that we may miss to pay attention to those.


A regular checkup and examination, can to a big extend help us to early determine some life threatening diseases, which could be cured if treated on time. Therefore it is always advised to take your beloved pets for both regular and symptom based checkups. Some symptoms in pets that need immediate attention and medical care are as follows:

  1. Vomiting
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Coughing or Honking
  4. Change in Appetite
  5. High Body Temperature
  6. Excessive Scratching
  7. Prolonged Lethargy
  8. Excessive Drooling or Bad Breath
  9. Dry, Red, or Cloudy Eyes
  10. Urinary Changes

Above these vital signs, any symptoms or behavioral changes that arises, which make them different from their regular selves is a reason to reach us for a detailed examination.

Our new facility at Felican Pet Hospital, Kochi is a fully equipped veterinary hospital with state of art machinery and experienced doctors. We feel a great sense of responsibility to provide the personalized and compassionate care that you and your pets need and deserve. As animal owners and pet lovers ourselves, the pets we treat and the owners who show such a great sense of responsibility for their health and happiness become members of our families too.

So why wait? Book an appointment for a general checkup of your loved ones. They deserve a better life!

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