Nutrition & Diet

Animal Nutrition and Diet

At Felican Pet Hospital, we treat pet nutrition as more than just an everyday dog or cat diet. We use food as a medicinal tool and the cat and dog diet choices we carry truly are medicine in food form. There are even specific formulas for specific conditions, such as diabetic cat food. These individual cat nutrition and dog nutrition recipes have been clinically tested to improve the health of pets afflicted by a variety of medical problems, from arthritis to hyperthyroidism. Pet owners are often concerned whether their pet will like the medicinally purposed animal nutrition formulas, but this area of cat and dog nutrition has improved vastly in recent years.

When To See Your Vet For Dog or Cat Diet Advice

Normally, a vet should assess animal nutrition and diet every year when they are young, and every six months when they are over 9 years old. If an animal’s nutrition or diet is not effectively assessed or treated properly, it can lead to a number of different health problems. Obesity is a very common problem, and it can lead to diabetes, breathing problems, joint pain including arthritic change and damaged ligaments. Felican Pet Hospital carries a revolutionary weight loss formula that is one of the best obesity pet foods for optimal cat and dog nutrition available anywhere.

Pet Nutrition Services Offered

  • Animal nutrition foods for overweight and underweight pets
  • Puppy nutrition foods & puppy diet advice
  • Kitten nutrition foods & kitten diet advice
  • Dog diet advice
  • Cat diet advice
  • Specialty pet nutrition foods (e.g. diabetic cat food)
  • Adult maintenance dog nutrition and cat nutrition including food that brushes teeth
  • Special dog and cat diet formulas for food allergies, intestinal issues including inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, liver disease, kidney disease, cancer, hyperthyroidism, bladder stones, metabolic diseases, dementia, critical care, heart disease and diabetes