Felican Pet Hospital is home to a wide range of veterinary speciality services, all staffed and supported by experienced veterinary technicians. We provide outstanding veterinary care and friendly client service, this approach has earned the hospital thousands of loyal clients over the years, which has allowed us to continue to grow and have a significant impact in the health and wellbeing of animal and pets. Having a seasoned veterinarian Dr Sunilkumar allows us to offer the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options to our animal patients.
We share our clients’ love and compassion for animals, and provide them with the highest level of veterinary care. We are dedicated to keeping all companion animals healthy whether they are dogs, cats, birds or other exotic pets and we appreciate the confidence our clients place in us.

Come see our commitment to quality and service in everything we do.

Mobile Veterinary Facility

It’s often difficult to bring large ferocious dogs to the clinic and in Kerala people prefer House visits, so we have arranged house visits for treatment during Morning hours from 8Am to 12Pm. Please book for this facility one day prior.

Petonia Pet Shop

Petonia is a Greek term means ‘Love for Pets’. Pets are not our whole life but they make our life whole! Love your pet, show it whole! Our pet shop is fully loaded with ordinary, premium and super premium dog foods of different brands. We also have accessories like chains and collars, T shirts, toys, sprays and shampoos etc. We offer free home delivery within 8Km radius up on request.

Pretty Paws Beauty Parlor

Many people think that this is a luxury; in fact it is a necessity especially for hairy and indoor pets. Shampooing, drying, combing, cutting, hair trimming, ear cleaning, anal clearing are routinely done here make your pet happy and healthy. We are specialized in de-shredding therapy to reduce hair fall and medical shampooing for skin disease control.


Often, pet owners are hesitant to get kitten or puppy shots because of the perception that over-vaccination with cat vaccines or dog vaccines causes disease.

Check-Ups & Exams

Initial dog or cat exams and annual check ups are extremely important in the health care of your animal as they can find a variety of potential issues..

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Nutrition & Diet

At Properties Animal Clinic, we treat pet nutrition as more than just an everyday dog or cat diet. We use food as a medicinal tool and the cat and dog diet choices we carry truly are medicine in food form.

Spaying & Neutering

Cat and dog neutering (males) and spaying (females) is highly important as it helps control the domestic animal population and can prevent or greatly reduce the amount of unwanted pets.

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Veterinary dentistry is about more than just teeth cleaning for dogs and cats, treating bad breath or preventing teeth from falling out.


Animal surgery is necessary sometimes, a vet surgery may be needed for a variety of reasons which include common animal surgery.

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