Most kids dream about having a dog. With so many different dog breeds, it can be hard for the parents to decide on which one will be best for the family. Knowing how comfortable a kid is with a dog is a huge deciding factor. A child with a lot of energy would do well with a dog that also has a lot of energy, whereas a quieter child would enjoy the company of a gentle dog. So which breeds are the best ones for your family?

Golden Retriever


Golden retrievers are great with children.This one is a family favorite. Shows like Full House and the Air Bud movie franchise feature this breed and the true nature of the golden retriever is shown. These dogs are super gentle and have great patience, especially around children. Their high energy makes them perfect for an active family.

Labrador Retriever


This is one of the more popular breeds, and they make excellent family pets. Labradors are mainly used as service dogs, which makes them perfect for families. They love to please their family, are playful and friendly, protective, and highly trainable.



The only downside to this breed is the high maintenance for its coat. Other than that, they are the perfect breed for young children due to their herding instinct. Collies love to make everyone happy and can be easily trained. These dogs are highly aware of their surroundings, which is good for families with young children. If you want further proof that collies make a good family dog, just watch an old Lassie movie.

Bull Terrier


Bull terriers are excellent family dogs.These dogs are a perfect addition to your family due to their intelligence, energy, and friendliness. This breed is well-suited to large families and don’t mind the rowdiness of younger children. Bull terriers do require a lot of energy, but a full day of playing with young children will help to wear both of them out, which most, if not all, parents will enjoy.



If your heart isn’t set on a particular breed, consider going to your local animal shelter and adopting a mixed breed dog. Look for a dog that matches your family’s energy level. Medium to large sized dogs are great for kids, whereas small dogs may be pushed around too easily or accidentally stepped on by kids.
Overall, it should be a family decision as to which dog breed to adopt into your family. It is important that the kids interact with the dog beforehand to see how well they do with each other.

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